Saturday, February 9, 2019


This is a proposed design for a co-working space belong to a club house as part a middle-up class housing in a hill town area. The co-working space is situated at upper floor area over a community restaurant. The space is directly enclosed under the existing building pitched roof.

The co-working space is actually share same lobby area with the restaurant at lower floor, and is accessible from a stairway that leads the visitor to the upper floor area. The co-working space will be run without air conditioning system. There is an existing long opening at swimming pool side to be retained as it is.

The interior design creates an elegance youthful vibes that suitable for both adults and dynamic middle ages. Its furnishing colors in split complementary scheme are provided to stimulate users working together dynamically in flexible ways. The housing complex itself is located not too far from nearby university and college campuses. This spot is expected become a place for young people to gather for positive activities and create new fresh ideas. Of course, this spot will also available for housing resident to enjoy this facility when they needed.

The open plan arrangement is generally provided to create maximum flexibility when particular group of visitor are come both in small group or in bigger group. Some segregated spaces are provided for working group who need meeting spot with particular level of privacy.

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