Tuesday, January 4, 2022

Partial Refurbishment of a General Hospital Interior

The objective of the project at that time was to carry-out partial renovation and make-up works to particular internal areas in Premier Bintaro General Hospital. The project itself is delivered around the year of 2010. Design schemes are proposed to revamp and create new looks to several particular areas, such as pediatric clinic, outpatient counter, outpatient cashier desks, physiotherapy counter, particular retail spot and many other particular rooms and spaces. 

Generally, refurbished areas are situated on ground floor. This is common public area that accommodate various type of visitor registration activities. Ground floor level is also accommodating various outpatient clinics. Several type of retail spots are provided on ground floor to serve the needs of visitor regarding snacks, soft drinks, newspaper and magazine.

Saturday, February 9, 2019


This is a proposed design for a co-working space belong to a club house as part a middle-up class housing in a hill town area. The co-working space is situated at upper floor area over a community restaurant. The space is directly enclosed under the existing building pitched roof.

The co-working space is actually share same lobby area with the restaurant at lower floor, and is accessible from a stairway that leads the visitor to the upper floor area. The co-working space will be run without air conditioning system. There is an existing long opening at swimming pool side to be retained as it is.

The interior design creates an elegance youthful vibes that suitable for both adults and dynamic middle ages. Its furnishing colors in split complementary scheme are provided to stimulate users working together dynamically in flexible ways. The housing complex itself is located not too far from nearby university and college campuses. This spot is expected become a place for young people to gather for positive activities and create new fresh ideas. Of course, this spot will also available for housing resident to enjoy this facility when they needed.

The open plan arrangement is generally provided to create maximum flexibility when particular group of visitor are come both in small group or in bigger group. Some segregated spaces are provided for working group who need meeting spot with particular level of privacy.

Sunday, March 18, 2018

Wednesday, September 6, 2017


This is about a reception area belong to an office in a tenancy office building tower. The tenant, an IT Company just want their appear like traditional housing compund within its meander small roads and gangways surrounding it. Just like a kind of small village.

Not just houses, roads and gangways, but pond and bridge are also found in this place. When the lift car doors are opened, everybody can directly see this reception area within a timber bridge crossing over a pond that leads somebody to a discrete lounge near the office main entrance door.

Thursday, August 24, 2017


This is a snapshot to a house situated at a steep hill in a town at West Java. Step inside this house we will see warm and modern family rooms with stunning view to valleys and hills nearby the house. The using of warm wooden materials on ceilings, windows blind and furnitures that are combined with rustic stone materials on the walls, visually give strong senses of natural and tropical modern touch that is reflected throughout the inside of the family rooms.

The open space order inside the house provide a visual continuity that connecting green courtyard view in the front of the house and valleys and hills view at the opposite cliff hill site. This open space quality is clearly difined and reflected in living area, dining area and its open pantry area.

When somebody have daily cooking activities in the pantry, he or she can have generous view to the front court yard and at the same time can also have another view to the other corner at living room or other corner of dining room and also stunning view to the valley across the cliff hill. Definitely, same experience will be acquired during breakfast time on the round breakfast table adjacent to the pantry unit.

Thursday, August 10, 2017


This is just a snapshot to a typical hotel bathroom. Typically, the bathroom size is less than 4 (four) square meter. Obviously, this is a small and compact bathroom. The hotel itself is a limited service hotel that is situated in a downtown area nearby the beach at Bali Island. Bathroom layout is simply generated based on the need of vanity area, showering cubicle and closet at corner end-side. Typically, no bathtub is required for standard room.

Vanity console table is made from pre-fabricated stone composite moulding that is integrated with semi-recessed hand basin. A row of solid timber slats are provided underneath the hand basin as towel rack. There are contrasts in color and texture when solid wood characters belong to wood slats rack meet with white-speckle marble surfacing belong to the body of the hand basin table.

Vanity mirror is decorated with white etching pattern in leaves shape to bring in the glimpse of surrounding tropical atmosphere to the bathroom. Same pattern is also found in shower glass divider but in bigger size and appear in elaborated green color to become a fresh visual accent both to bathroom and the bedroom area.

A feeling of fresh-green color is elaborated at back-wall surfacing behind the closet module. This is a wall with glass mosaic tiles in various random green colors. The remaining wall and floor surfacing to the bathroom are simply finished with homogenous tiles in soft broken white colors. It visually give a way for the fresh green color scheme become naturally prominent inside the bathroom space. 

This internal green color accent scheme creating a continuation in associated with vertical greeneries at  typical guestroom balconies and guestroom corridors.

The bathroom is typically attached to standard guestroom with approximately 17 square meter in its typical size. It is a very tight room size. This is become one of the reason why the bathroom has a full-height clear glass wall at its bedroom side. It will provide a feeling of spaciousness.

Saturday, March 11, 2017


An executive working suite, commonly associated with enclosed working space where top managerial executive of a company are worked. The rooms are bigger than typical office rooms and also are furnished better than typical office rooms. An executive room not just a space that accomodating functional needs for an executive to work comfortably, but also reflecting corporate culture.

When client, guest, or employee entering an executive office, they must find the balance of professionalism with comfortability that offer a great first impression as well as a productive work space. 

It could be happened in an executive office, a very busy situation where a serious business meeting is conducted from morning time till late night. Or maybe it just remain as an empty room  because the executive person are on business duty abroad.

Amenities should be provided for an executive working rooms can vary widely depend on particular personal needs. It could be a wardrobe, safe deposit box, business machine cabinet, small library corner, small meeting corner, coffee maker or minibar cabinet, memorabilia wall and other personal things may be required.

Many confidential things must be kept securely. Not every un-authorized person can entering the room easily. Electronic door access control shall be applied. 

Room enclosure shall meet with particular level of sound-proof requirement. There should be no sound leakages. Private and confidential conversations are commonly undertaken in an executive room, and these should not be transmitted out. Partition detailing and A/C ducting treatments should be well executed to meet with sound-proof room requirements.

Selection of furnishing materials should be carefuly done. Of course, a top executive person require high grade furniture items to support their daily working activities. Floor, ceiling and wall treatments shall also carefuly treated to provide optimum comfortability. 

Smart office automation system is another important aspect should be well considered. An advance smart automation system can provide the user with a green and energy saving environment. Lighting control could be scheduled automatically, the user can do checking to see if any light were left on and want to schedule lights to turn on and off certain days in a week or just turn off anything that is plugged in. Smart office system can also programmable thermostat and lighting dimmer controls to increase energy management.

An advance smart office system also offers a complete line of sensors and security devices as well as camera and surveillance system.to protect an executive office room. This system can provide door lock and access controllers, communicating smoke detectors and wireless sensors to provide necessary protection fron inside and outside of the working rooms.