Saturday, October 17, 2009

An Interior Design Overview for a Corporate Executive Office.

My last posting on my blog is posted in early year of 2009. Suddenly, after I have got some pictures of my design works which is completed 5 years ago from an e-mail, I initiated to recollect past stories in related to these pictures. This project is already described in my blog that posted on December 2008. All of the pictures capture working suites for high level executives in an Oil Company.

First picture shows one of Commissioner Suite. Interior space arrangement is simply generated from placement of working desk, meeting table and lounge corner including adjacent private quater consist of wash room and praying room.

A curved working desk, an Italian table with natural leather top and white carara marble leg is placed at building perimeter corner side with bianco statuario marble credenza behind. A wall-mounted Nakamichi audio player is well-placed on anegree wooden wall architrave behind the working desk.

A round meeting table is placed in the middle of the room, an Italian table with natural leather top and carara marble leg as similar as working desk. Philips Starck’s three legs chairs that surrounding the table are owner choice. An electronic writing board is placed near the meeting table and integrated in a wooden alcove.

The second and third pictures show scenery of spacious Chief Executive Officer working suite. The room layout also generated on a simple scheme which is consisting of working desk area, meeting room spot in the middle space and guest lounge space is placed near room entry. A raised triangle shape lounge deck is placed in the middle-end side facing to panoramic view to the city.

The working desk is an Italian table with curved shape top that is covered in black leather surfacing with white carara marble top. In line with working table, the round meeting table top is also covered with natural black leather with white carara marble legs.

As similar as the Commissioner suite, this Chief Executive Officer suite is also provided with a private amenity, a private quarter behind working desk that consist of small bedroom, washroom and shower room.

Black and white leather chairs and sofas – including the unique Philips Starck’s meeting armchairs – are designer’s collection items that selected by user based on Interior Designer’s guideline that directing the overall design intentions that reflecting the dignity of simply modern and timeless design look.

The fourth picture is scenery of The President Commissioner suite, the largest suite in this executive floor area. The scenery is captured from guest lounge area. The lounge is consisting of Italian ‘Minotti’ sofa set which are united by a simple square coffee table on a loose Persian silk rug. A private quarter is placed adjacent the lounge and a raised-triangle viewing deck as similar as provided in Chief Executive Officer Suite is also placed adjacent to this lounge facing to the Jakarta panoramic CBD area. A Philips Starck Feature sofa is placed in this deck (not shown in the picture).

Working desk is placed in the middle of this suite facing perpendicularly to anegree wooden wall with a wall-mounted flat TV screen placed on. Place in the right and left side of this anegree wooden wall is a seriesof electronically switchable glass panels. By the using of an integrated remote control the user can make this glass panel become frosted or make it clear to enable direct viewing to the gallery area.

The working desk is an Italian ‘Minotti’ leather cover table in combination black leather cover to the main desk and beige leather cover to the side desk. Behind the working desk is placed a bianco statuario marble long pedestal (not shown in the picture) to enable placement of a ‘sleeping figure’ statue.

Basically, all rooms and areas in this executive floor is united by similar cushioned carpet tile flooring, similar anegree wood surfacing to the wall and joineries and similar bianco stauario marble to particular joinery type. In design intention point of view the using of these materials to whole areas is significantly important, because actually all wall enclosures conceptually are transparent glass walls, all individual rooms shall be visually well-integrated as one unity as a one ‘corporate gallery’. Even the lighting points could not be individually turn-off it could only be digitally dimmed when it needed. All ceiling surfacing visually appear as neutral element with simple rectangular padded panel with soft beige color to enable adequate and better acoustic performance and unify the arrangement of various types of lighting fixtures. Seemingly, many of Philips Starck’s stuff are also become element that integrate the overall design intention, because typical wooden doors are also equipped with solid chromed-aluminium handle from Philips Starck collection.