Saturday, December 6, 2008

TRANSPARENCY, SIMPLICITY AND DIGNITY OF BASIC GEOMETRICAL SHAPES, Concept for and Executive Office Floor of a Petroleum Company.

This is capturing an Executive Office Floor of Oil Company that cover approximate 700 sqm of tenancy spaces in an Office Building. The spaces are simply defined based on the need of individual executive office spaces and its supporting facilities.

Enclosed offices are placed along building perimeter wall which are consisting of 1 office suite for President Commissioner, 1 office suite for Chief Executive Officer and 4 office suites for Commissioners. Rest of spaces are fulfilled for amenities and supporting facilities, such as reception, lounge, bar and gallery. Boardroom is placed adjacent to perimeter wall with direct accessibility from President Commissioner Office Suite and bar-lounge area at the center of executive floor area.

The offices suites are generated based on simply basic rectangular shapes that is combined with bar counter in cylindrical shape and also curved feature walls to corridor. These composition of basic geometrical shapes is creating and elaborating a quality of spatial dignity to whole of the area.

Despite the Executive Office is generated from many of individual enclosed office suites, overall space appearance look transparent because the using of many of full-height glass walls. Glass materials and anegree wood veneer are 2 only dominant interior materials are use everywhere in this area. Carpet is appear in more simple plain creamy color but rich in texture details. This carpet selection concept is just to elaborate the rich natural character of anegree wood and unify the each transparent office suites.

The Bianco Statuario Marble is dominant material that used in reception area. It is used for long reception counter surfacing and adjacent hard flooring. This grainy white marble is combined with natural rich character of anegree wood veneer, transparent character of glass wall and visual richness of Persian Rug that placed to define lounge area.

Lighting design is also become important element to create particular space ambiences. All lighting fixtures are control with digital dimmer devices. In the Boardoom, lighting is integrated with high-end digital audio-visual system, including a rear projection system. While in President Commissioner Suite, lighting system is also integrated with the using of electronically switchable glass panels that could be digitally frosted by the using remote control device from working desk.


Anonymous said...

when i choose for a design, i want is simple and people-welcoming...

prasetyo budi santoso said...

thanks for your feedback, i love simplicity, because "Less is More"!

Bendz said...


Wish you this new year gives you health and wealth.

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prasetyo budi santoso said...

Hi Bendz, thanks for your visit and wish, I wish you get new and more spirit and optimism to facing the year of 2009......