Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Interior Design for Children's and Women's Hospital

This Children's and Women's Hospital is a five levels hospital building in the center of busy town which is surrounding by prime housing area, business center, education facilities, malls and other small-medium retail outlets. Outpatient Area is situated at the ground floor where hospital emergency unit, pharmacy outlet and retail spaces are also provided. Wards are situated on the rest of the upper floors including operating rooms and intensive care unit facilities.

Simple and clean shapes design are become main intention that need to be carefully integrated within health and safety aspects. Corporate color become useful aspect to create distinctive visual accents almost to the whole of internal spaces, particularly at hospital's public areas. Almost all of material and color selections are determined with neutral and natural colors to highlight this corporate color properly.

 Medical examination rooms are situated at the ground floor level including pediatric clinics and obstetrics-gynecology clinics. Design challenges is raised where comfort working spaces for medical doctors at one side and pleasant space for women and children patient at other side should be well-combined. This the room where a medical doctor can probably meet with hundred of patients in a day. And this room become a pleasant space for a mother who will preparing childbirth.

Wards is carefully furnished where good quality hospital ward furnishing is combined with other functional fixtures and equipments such as wall service panels which are typically installed at headboard side of the patient bed. Simple wardrobe, long sofa and wall-mounted or ceiling-mounted TV are typically provided in single bed wardrobe.

Saturday, March 30, 2013

Reception Area for Corporate Office

How big should a Corporate Office's Reception Area be? It depends on many considerations. When the premise is situated in a tenancy building in a main business area, it need to be well-considered that a reception space should effectively well-planned. The case will be different if reception area is a part of an office inside their own building at suburban area. Maybe we can have a design opportunity to have generous reception spaces.

Functionally, detailed size of a reception area for a corporate office could be determined by circulation flows involving employees and visitors. There is an example of an office reception without any waiting sofas are provided. This is happened because corporate policy require corporate visitors shall have official appointment, and when visitor arrive, an officer will directly ask the visitor to come and sit into a meeting room inside the office area.

Reception space size could also be determined by its arrangement involving another surrounding rooms with different functions. There is another example where reception area is implemented as a big and spacious space, because reception area is also used as a pre-function area belong to a row of meeting rooms that are situated directly facing to reception area.

In security point of view, reception is an area that separates public area and authorized employee area. Normally, there is an electronic access card is provided somewhere adjacent to an access door, where an authorized employee can entering their workspace.

There are many interesting design challenges when a reception space is initially generated in a planning and design stage. Creative design approaches can be generated and explored based on what we can find from the corporate itself in related with specific corporate culture and corporate identity. This will become important factor to determine why an appearance for an office for a corporate is different against another office belong to another corporate. Definitely, appearance for a Financial Office will be different against an Advertising Company Office and space atmosphere for a Petroleum Company will also different against a IT Company.

Sunday, November 11, 2012

A Fun In a Gathering Space

This is just about a small multi-purposes space which is situated in a corporate office in an office tenancy building. The place is a space for all office members and their visitors can make various type of meeting and gathering such as corporate meeting, lunch gathering, product launching, brainstorming session, marketing presentation, small exhibition and press conference.

Design idea is just generated freely, combining and exploring many various design elements that consist of kind of shapes and colors. This is based on the function of the room that is actually the space for everybody, everybody with many different personalities and ideas. The space that can release everybody from day-to-day formal office activities.

This is just about 100 square meters space belong to a corporate office that is divided into 2 different split floor levels. Upper floor level is treated with elevated dark floor deck and the lower level is treated with white marble floor. In general, color scheme is generated from a split-complementary color composition where vivid red color is freely combined with yellow color and dark wood color. Meanwhile the white and grey color to remaining elements are exploited to elaborate this split-complementary color scheme. Ceiling is exposed as high as possible and the feeling of living in a bigger space is created than actually existed. Some mirror wall panels are applied to elaborate this design intention.

Seating arrangement is provided to accommodate various type of activities may happen in the room. Some loose chairs are provided in the middle of the space to offer flexibility. Fixed sofa arrangement is provided along perimeter window to provide nice seating option with better comfort. And a row of high chairs are provided adjacent to bar counter in the corner of the room for an informal seating option.

Saturday, October 27, 2012

Black-Grey-White Color Scheme for a Working Space Environment

 It seem the black, grey and white color are things that will producing something boring, dull, faceless and characterless. But actually in a three dimensional space composition, this black-grey-white color scheme doesn't have to mean boring. It depend how it combined with other elements of space such as shape of space, lighting, transparency and texture of materials.

Black, grey and white color composition could be nicely elaborated as a minimalist expression to to define an interior space. Pictures are shown here maybe examples of how this color composition is well applied in an office space environment. A simple modern look is obviously elaborated particularly in its integration with various materials such as brushed stainless steel, glass and illuminated surfaces. This is an example how a big impact in an interior space could be created by a minimalist scheme that is simply generated from the black-grey-white colors.

Thursday, July 5, 2012

Red-Green-Yellow Color Scheme for a Working Space Environment

This is a design overview for a corporate office in approximately 4500 sqm tenancy floor. Tenancy floor are divided into 3 (three) floor levels. The first two lower floor levels are accomodated for general office area and the remaining one upper floor is dedicated for executive office space and function room.

The office belong to a plantation company. The nature of company business is simply elaborated to become a main design inspiration. There is a combination of three different split complementary colors: red, green and yellow; which are combined together as a corporate design theme. Green is excerpted from the color of leaf, red is excerpted from the color of fruit and yellow is the color of oily liquid that is extracted from the fruit.

Red and green colors are used to differed carpet flooring at general office area. Red color carpet tiles with round geometrical patterns are applied through main circulation corridor at open plan office area, meanwhile green color carpet tiles with similar patterns are applied to main circulation corridor at other open plan office at other level of floor. New connecting stair with wooden treads is built to unify these office areas which are situated and split-off into two different floor level.

These strong color accent on carpet tiles are spread-out to workstation screen pads and also to graphic posters within floral pictures that are applied to door panels belong to enclosed rooms at perimeter areas. Visually, this color composition creates a dynamic ambiance throughout the working space area.

Break-out area is loosely generated by the using some 'natural-look' materials such as lime stone on columns and wooden resilient floor. It combined with strong accent color on particular wall. A row of long high table is provided adjacent to the wall within rich treatment of artificial green leaves that creates an impression of a vertical garden.

There is an executive floor which is situated at dedicated floor level and completely seperated from general office area at lower floors. The executive floor is accessible from a dedicated executive reception area. Executive floor areas are appear in different look and feel. Wooden joinery, marble floor and soft axminster carpet flooring with warm, calm and soft colors are become major material and color appearance. Rich detailing is found on ceiling where wooden ceiling panels are combined with luminous floral patterns. This is a design effort to create continuation of theme that already created at office area at lower floors.

Saturday, June 16, 2012

A Simulation Room for a Revitalized Stock Exchange Building

This simulation room is one of some facilities need to be developed as part of a revitalization project for a stock exchange building. The revitalization project itself is required because the latest trend requires trading activities are done remotely by each stock exchange members in their own trading floor in their office building. This makes the provision of trading floor including its operation and maintenance become in-efficient in related with cost and resource point of views. Necessary design and planning studies are done to make necessary relevant comparison about how an conventional trading floor space is revitalized. It look that the case of Tokyo Stock Exchange revitalization project was became a good similar revitalization case of example when this stock exchange revitalization project is initiated.

Simulation room is provided as a part of facility that supports socialization and education programs. Other facilities are stock exchange museum and training or workshop rooms. All of these facilities are equipped with high-end interactive audio-visual equipments to make visitors are easily gather all knowledge about stock exchange activities. Simulation Room maybe a kind of the 'old style trading floor miniature' currently removed.

Originally, project brief required about 50 seating capacity need to be accommodated in the simulation room. Finally, after some design optimization sessions, 40 seating capacity is achieved in an enclosure with a circular plan shape. Basically, this circular plan shape is base plan for a 3-dimensional space in cone-like shape in the middle of a huge double open space.

Simulation room base plan is enclosed in a circular plan with approximately 14 meters diameter. Totally, simulation room clearance height is approximately 9 meters. Maximum ceiling height to the simulation room is determined by the existing ceiling that are retained in its existing interesting triangular geometric shapes. Actually, the existing ceiling is the remaining iconic element from the old trading floor need to be retained and become a kind of 'historic preservation effort'.

Conceptually, this simulation room is fully enclosed with a curved glass enclosure with a dedicated air-conditioning system. But for some reasons, simulation room finally provided in an open circular space enclosure with low glass divider.

There is a huge corporate logo is attached at simulation room ceiling. It appear in strong color and shape. This object is almost visible from every sides of the stock exchange multipurpose space at the lower floor.

At the lower floor, this simulation room itself is surrounding with an multipurpose open space for gathering, ceremonial stage, small museum and a theater. At the upper floor, simulation room is surrounding with other facility such as control room, TV broadcasting studios, cafe and viewing galleries. From a camera view during a a stock exchange broadcasting program at TV studio at upper floor, the glimpse of this new simulation room looks become a new iconic object.

Sunday, March 13, 2011

An Unforgettable Trip to Four Seasons Sayan Hotel at Ubud Bali

I think travelling is important for an Interior Designer to
experiencing about many places he or she never visit before and then may gather some design ideas to be further explored. Surely, visual and spatial experiences that are gathered during many memorable trips to some great places will then 'zipped-in' into the memory and ready to be generated as creative inspirations in a design brainstorming process.

A trip to Four Season Sayan Hotel at Ubud Bali, is one of my memorable and remarkable design trip. A trip I have done 10 years ago in the heartland of Bali. It was a time when digital camera is not common yet, this was the reason why the pictures I have enclosed in this blog post are not perfectly recorded.

I never have any idea about this hotel before this trip. This made my trip to this hotel was creating many surprising moments., because I never see and experiencing a built enclosure like this before. The ultimate journey is begun when I was walking on the connecting blue steel bridge over a small valley try to find the hotel main entry that is situated in the middle of a big pond. And the entry opening finally found as a remarkable grand stair that leads the visitors through a hole in the bottom of the pond's basin. The entry gate itself is a kind of tranquil 'porte cochere' in the middle of the pond that floating in the middle of the valley scenery. Surprising smooth entry transition and procession is actually happened when the visitors walk through the stair from the pond upstairs and the suddenly found a lobby downstairs with its different inviting atmosphere.

The walkthrough session then continue try to find the hotel rooms through a long corridor with continuous water feature that creates a strong sensation of small river side path way. The smell and voices that come from the flowing water feature is transmitted through all the room corridor sides and provides tranquilize ambiance.

The hotel room I have visited was a compact two-storey suites room that was consisting of a nice small lounge upstairs and bedroom downstairs. A small void and a nice connecting stair make the upper and lower spaces are well-interfaced. A king size bed is placed directly facing to window with huge view to the outside tropical scenery where paddy field is outspread, coconut trees are waving, frangipani trees are well-growing and a glimpse of river basin is slightly visible at the far-end bottom side of the valley.

I think I have found an example of timeless and everlasting design. A sense of luxurious is naturally explored from the essence of tropical nature elements that are blended together harmoniously. No wonder if most of the major parts of the building both its architectural and interior detailed design are currently remaining in its appearances when I took a visit here about ten years ago. The design is still there and no longer obsolete. I always take a great respect to The Architect and Interior Designer who worked on the designs of this naturally wonderful place.