Wednesday, March 8, 2017


First aspect that is directly affecting the design of a meeting room, is number of seat should be accomodated. A meeting room for a small number of seats most likely will require one-pice table that placed in the middle of the room to become center part of meeting activities. If number of seats become numerous, there will be 2 (two) options of meeting table could be provided. First option, use one-piece long fixed table. And second option, to use modular small tables that could be dinamically re-arranged based on particular layout configuration.

If a fixed meeting table scheme is already determined, it could be basic reference to determine further functional audio-visual system that be required to support specific meeting activities. When fixed meeting table is chosen, there will be a lot floor cabling works should be routed out to centralised area underneath meeting table top. Then this cabling works are distributed and connected to individual surface-mounted electronic and electrical ports. These ports could be also installed inside a centralised concealed and covered linear gutter that is place in the middle of large and long meeting table.And when a meeting attendee need to plug in his notebook, he can easly reach power or data ports in the middle of meeting table top.

When small modular meeting tables are used, placement of electrical and electronic outlets shall anticipate the flexibilty of meeting tables arrangement. Commonly there are several pop-up power and data outlet sare provided on meeting floor surface.

Selection of audio-visual equipments also affecting meeting room arrangement. Nowadays, audio-visual technology provide us with many possibilities that affecting the way how we make a meeting activity with somebody or with other group of persons

Visual projection and display system is commonly identified as important aspect in associated with meeting activities. Table and chair arrangement are generated based on how these visual projection and display system are applied in a meeting room. The using of high-density projection system and flat screen technologies signicantly affecting the way we shall have a meeting today.

An advance audio-visual system also provide us with a smart meeting technology that is integrated with how we control lighting illumination in meeting room. This system enable an automatic control to internal lighting illumination level in related with visual display brightness and also natural daylight intensity that come from window opening around a meeting room. Of course, this system provide us with optimum visual comfort that we need for a meeting activities.

Not just visual comfort, another aspect in related with audio matters are also important and should be carefully managed. The acoustic indoor climate has become an important factor when contructing a new meeting room or renovating an old existing meeting room. Several aspects such as room layout size, room height and material selection should be carefully and correctly determined. The using of soft materials which are commonly absorb sound transmission will relatively useful to avoid and eliminate acoustical defects such as echoes, flutter echoes and sound reverberation time problems.

Another acoustical issue need to be carefully identified when we designing and constructing a meeting room is related sound transmission leakage. It should be avoided a condition when a meeting is happened in a meeting room, its noise getting out to another rooms and vice versa.

It could be happened if partition system is not built to comply with sound-proof requirements. Sound leakage also may happened from in-correct A/C ducting design and its installation details.

Meeting room amenities are another aspect neet to well accomodated in the design. A meeting group that spend hours discussing serious matters need to be supported with a refreshment corner. It could be a small place in meeting room corner where a coffe maker and water dispenser are provided. This corner could also be equipped with centralized counter where meeting attendees can charging their personal cellular phones.

Anyway, a virtual meeting activity, most likely is becoming common practice today where a large number of people don't need a physical gathering in a 'real' meeting room. Technology now enabling them to be connected virually and remotely without room or even country borders. Maybe an international corporate office do not need anymore to built too many meeting rooms in their premises. 

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