Sunday, March 5, 2017

Corridors Through Working Spaces

If a question is raised:"What is corridor function in a working space environment ?"

Maybe, most common answer is space where circulation of a person and/or a group of persons from a place to another different place could be easily and safely enabled. Most probably this flow of circulation not merely involving a person but also including particular good that a person carry along with

An easy circulation movement could be associated with comfortable movement when a person or two persons (or maybe more than two persons) are passing this corridor without distracting each other.

Corridor should be well planned based on health and safety requlations. In case of emergency situations, corridor shall provide safe route of esape that enabling large number of people could be evacuated as quickly and safely as possible.

Corridor in an office environment is also closely related with how people are interacting and interfacing between each other based on particular working organizational structure and culture. Not merely interaction between a person to other person, maybe it also related with interaction between a person with a particular equipment.

Good corridor scheme in an office environment could help to provide better relationship between employee behavior and job satisfaction. Good corridor scheme as an integral part of an working environment, can also encourage working productivity.

Corridor should not appear as just a long boring space that separating a room to another room and/or separating one enclosed room to another open working space. It could be visually appear in more interesting appearances. 

By the using of particular treatment on a corridor wall for example, we can use this wall feature as visual sign to identify and differentiate a particular space zone in a large open space, to avoid an employee losing his or their spatial orientation.

We can also can explore different treatment on corridor to differentiate one office department to another office department. And it also commonly found that specific treatment to corridor as part of executive area to be differentiate to other corridor at general office area.

Specific interior treatment in corridor could be achieved by the using specific material on its floor, wall and ceiling. Specific lighting treatment is also have an important role to define specific function of a corridor.

Sometime, corridor shall provide a certain level of visual privacy. In this case, level of illumination and placement of lighting fixtures are become very critical. Maybe, lighting treatment should be provided in such a way to make somebodys face not directly received lighting hotspot. 

Acoustical consideration is also important. Long corridor should not provided within hard flooring materials since it will make disturbing noise that might be potentially come from somebody walking on their shoes.

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