Wednesday, November 23, 2016

A Tropical Garden Lobby for Residential Towers

Lobby spaces are actually provided to serve apartment towers which are situated in down town area. Basically, lobby space is a long and shallow depth space within a row of big structural columns are placed adjacent to lift core wall.Prominent exterior landscaping then becoming anchor element which is to be strongly associated as intergrated part within the lobby spaces. 

There are window displays in random composition along lobby backdrop wall. These window displays are belong to retail outlet that are situated behind the lobby hall. This is a spatial effort to make shallow space at lobby become slightly enlarged by creating some visual transparencies to another neighborhood spaces.

Based on this concept, internal lobby spaces is simply generated in natural design scheme. Natural design approach that is wrapped in a simply modern urban looks. It strongly reflected in the selection of modern wooden furnitures and the using of natural wooden slats as a dominant floating element on ceiling and lift lobby wall. This design statement is also elaborated by the using of vertical floating wooden slats as sun screen in associated with full-height glass window openings.

Lift lobby interior is heavily treated with vertical natural wooden slats through-out wall surfaces. This heavy statement suddenly cut-off by the existence of huge opening that provide releaving view of heavy landscaped courtyard ouside. 

There are dedicated lobby for each apartment towers, and each lobby are connected with covered semi-open gallery. that is accessible from centralized car drop-off area. Design approach is retained as similar as implemented in dedicated lobby areas, but appear in better in spatial order, in a single long linear free-columns space. The overall modern natural ambience create a relaxing and relieving transition space for lounging and viewing.