Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Interior Design for Children's and Women's Hospital

This Children's and Women's Hospital is a five levels hospital building in the center of busy town which is surrounding by prime housing area, business center, education facilities, malls and other small-medium retail outlets. Outpatient Area is situated at the ground floor where hospital emergency unit, pharmacy outlet and retail spaces are also provided. Wards are situated on the rest of the upper floors including operating rooms and intensive care unit facilities.

Simple and clean shapes design are become main intention that need to be carefully integrated within health and safety aspects. Corporate color become useful aspect to create distinctive visual accents almost to the whole of internal spaces, particularly at hospital's public areas. Almost all of material and color selections are determined with neutral and natural colors to highlight this corporate color properly.

 Medical examination rooms are situated at the ground floor level including pediatric clinics and obstetrics-gynecology clinics. Design challenges is raised where comfort working spaces for medical doctors at one side and pleasant space for women and children patient at other side should be well-combined. This the room where a medical doctor can probably meet with hundred of patients in a day. And this room become a pleasant space for a mother who will preparing childbirth.

Wards is carefully furnished where good quality hospital ward furnishing is combined with other functional fixtures and equipments such as wall service panels which are typically installed at headboard side of the patient bed. Simple wardrobe, long sofa and wall-mounted or ceiling-mounted TV are typically provided in single bed wardrobe.