Saturday, March 30, 2013

Reception Area for Corporate Office

How big should a Corporate Office's Reception Area be? It depends on many considerations. When the premise is situated in a tenancy building in a main business area, it need to be well-considered that a reception space should effectively well-planned. The case will be different if reception area is a part of an office inside their own building at suburban area. Maybe we can have a design opportunity to have generous reception spaces.

Functionally, detailed size of a reception area for a corporate office could be determined by circulation flows involving employees and visitors. There is an example of an office reception without any waiting sofas are provided. This is happened because corporate policy require corporate visitors shall have official appointment, and when visitor arrive, an officer will directly ask the visitor to come and sit into a meeting room inside the office area.

Reception space size could also be determined by its arrangement involving another surrounding rooms with different functions. There is another example where reception area is implemented as a big and spacious space, because reception area is also used as a pre-function area belong to a row of meeting rooms that are situated directly facing to reception area.

In security point of view, reception is an area that separates public area and authorized employee area. Normally, there is an electronic access card is provided somewhere adjacent to an access door, where an authorized employee can entering their workspace.

There are many interesting design challenges when a reception space is initially generated in a planning and design stage. Creative design approaches can be generated and explored based on what we can find from the corporate itself in related with specific corporate culture and corporate identity. 

This will become important factor to determine why an appearance for an office for a corporate is different against another office belong to another corporate. Definitely, appearance for a Financial Office will be different against an Advertising Company Office and space atmosphere for a Petroleum Company will also different against a IT Company.