Thursday, July 5, 2012

Red-Green-Yellow Color Scheme for a Working Space Environment

This is a design overview for a corporate office in approximately 4500 sqm tenancy floor. Tenancy floor are divided into 3 (three) floor levels. The first two lower floor levels are accomodated for general office area and the remaining one upper floor is dedicated for executive office space and function room.

The office belong to a plantation company. The nature of company business is simply elaborated to become a main design inspiration. There is a combination of three different split complementary colors: red, green and yellow; which are combined together as a corporate design theme. Green is excerpted from the color of leaf, red is excerpted from the color of fruit and yellow is the color of oily liquid that is extracted from the fruit.

Red and green colors are used to differed carpet flooring at general office area. Red color carpet tiles with round geometrical patterns are applied through main circulation corridor at open plan office area, meanwhile green color carpet tiles with similar patterns are applied to main circulation corridor at other open plan office at other level of floor. New connecting stair with wooden treads is built to unify these office areas which are situated and split-off into two different floor level.

These strong color accent on carpet tiles are spread-out to workstation screen pads and also to graphic posters within floral pictures that are applied to door panels belong to enclosed rooms at perimeter areas. Visually, this color composition creates a dynamic ambiance throughout the working space area.

Break-out area is loosely generated by the using some 'natural-look' materials such as lime stone on columns and wooden resilient floor. It combined with strong accent color on particular wall. A row of long high table is provided adjacent to the wall within rich treatment of artificial green leaves that creates an impression of a vertical garden.

There is an executive floor which is situated at dedicated floor level and completely seperated from general office area at lower floors. The executive floor is accessible from a dedicated executive reception area. Executive floor areas are appear in different look and feel. Wooden joinery, marble floor and soft axminster carpet flooring with warm, calm and soft colors are become major material and color appearance. Rich detailing is found on ceiling where wooden ceiling panels are combined with luminous floral patterns. This is a design effort to create continuation of theme that already created at office area at lower floors.

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