Saturday, June 16, 2012

A Simulation Room for a Revitalized Stock Exchange Building

This simulation room is one of some facilities need to be developed as part of a revitalization project for a stock exchange building. The revitalization project itself is required because the latest trend requires trading activities are done remotely by each stock exchange members in their own trading floor in their office building. This makes the provision of trading floor including its operation and maintenance become in-efficient in related with cost and resource point of views. Necessary design and planning studies are done to make necessary relevant comparison about how an conventional trading floor space is revitalized. It look that the case of Tokyo Stock Exchange revitalization project was became a good similar revitalization case of example when this stock exchange revitalization project is initiated.

Simulation room is provided as a part of facility that supports socialization and education programs. Other facilities are stock exchange museum and training or workshop rooms. All of these facilities are equipped with high-end interactive audio-visual equipments to make visitors are easily gather all knowledge about stock exchange activities. Simulation Room maybe a kind of the 'old style trading floor miniature' currently removed.

Originally, project brief required about 50 seating capacity need to be accommodated in the simulation room. Finally, after some design optimization sessions, 40 seating capacity is achieved in an enclosure with a circular plan shape. Basically, this circular plan shape is base plan for a 3-dimensional space in cone-like shape in the middle of a huge double open space.

Simulation room base plan is enclosed in a circular plan with approximately 14 meters diameter. Totally, simulation room clearance height is approximately 9 meters. Maximum ceiling height to the simulation room is determined by the existing ceiling that are retained in its existing interesting triangular geometric shapes. Actually, the existing ceiling is the remaining iconic element from the old trading floor need to be retained and become a kind of 'historic preservation effort'.

Conceptually, this simulation room is fully enclosed with a curved glass enclosure with a dedicated air-conditioning system. But for some reasons, simulation room finally provided in an open circular space enclosure with low glass divider.

There is a huge corporate logo is attached at simulation room ceiling. It appear in strong color and shape. This object is almost visible from every sides of the stock exchange multipurpose space at the lower floor.

At the lower floor, this simulation room itself is surrounding with an multipurpose open space for gathering, ceremonial stage, small museum and a theater. At the upper floor, simulation room is surrounding with other facility such as control room, TV broadcasting studios, cafe and viewing galleries. From a camera view during a a stock exchange broadcasting program at TV studio at upper floor, the glimpse of this new simulation room looks become a new iconic object.