Monday, September 27, 2010

Graphic Poster in Interior Space as Spatial and Visual Accent

Visual accent in a room can create specific spatial ambiance. What is the definition of visual accent? Accent simply refers to elaborate minor part that gives significant impact to the major part in a certain room or other type of artificial space environment. Visual accent could be described as a kind of detail that visually creates significant impact to the whole appearance of the room.

This visual accent could be something two-dimensional and/or three-dimensional object. This article is trying to explore the related matters about two-dimensional visual accent particularly in associated with the application of graphic poster.
Currently, digital technology enabling various possibilities for image development in high-resolution source and produce it in high quality print-out material in various type of media. Large size poster could be made in full-height wall size with almost perfect photographic quality, and we can use it as powerful visual statement in the wall (or other room elements). Now, to hang a conventional painting with pretty frame on the wall is not enough anymore, I think we can make another visual statement to be created in more creative and contemporary way!.

Selection of correct images is the first main consideration. In a corporate office interiors such as Bank for example, it is very common that corporate graphic poster works are widely and carefully used as visual communication tools to define corporate identities. Graphic posters in a Bank offcie spaces are carefully developed and selected for certain purposes for example, they are used to lead the customers easily identify particular areas such as Retail Banking area or Priority Banking Area.

Image themes in graphic posters could be used as simple reflection of specific messages that a company or institution want to visually transmitting to the room user such as message of togetherness, openness, fanciness and other values. A series of posters in reception area of petroleum company could be nicely displayed their onshore and offshore activities. Or maybe in sea freight company, a series of wall posters are utilized nicely to visually inform their business lines by capturing daily harbor and container yard activities.

 Consideration in related with graphic poster details such as color composition, size proportion, its combination with text messaging and other detail treatments are important aspects need to be carefully taken further. In overall appearance, the graphic posters application should become integrated part in the interior scenery.


Other consideration is related with how this graphic poster application should be placed in the interior scenery. If this becomes major visual accent, a clearance observation spaces should be properly provided to make it strongly visible. Other interior treatments such color s and other strong detailing selection should be well managed to avoid any potential visual distractions.

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