Friday, May 21, 2010

When The Room Suddenly More Digitally Interactive!

Digital interactivity maybe could be simply defined with terms “look and feel” that is associated with an interface of user with a digital intelligent device, more often is related with computer stuff. Term of “look” is associated with its visual design appearance and term of “feel” refers physical interactivities. Physical interactivities may refer to every possibility for the user to experiencing or even exploring the tool for a certain activity.

In my previous posting in this blog, I have tried to define an interior space as an artificial 3-dimensional environment. If ‘mathematically” 1st dimension refers to lines, 2nd dimension refers to areas and 3rd dimension refers to volume, how if we put and insert this interactivity ideas as the 4th dimension element in a 3-dimensional environment?

Since this interior environment basically is a habitable space, it will be more convenient to have every components are become user friendly and encourage user to have positive interactivities in line with its specific room functions. In line with current technology development, in a home a user could be easily turn-on the TV by the using of remote control or maybe turn-off the notebook by the using of hand phone. In an office meeting room, a group of persons can have audio-visual teleconference with other members remotely at another place. If needed the meeting room could be darkened by dimming the lamps and roll-down the motorized window screen by the using of remote control to get certain level of comfort.

Maybe the above explanations are common examples of simple digital interactivity functions that could be happened in a room. Yes, ‘functionally’ digital interactivity makes user life getting easier and more comfortable.

But how if these technology possibilities are explored not just enable functional purposes? It is interesting to explore the ideas in related with the application of digital technologies to create interactivities in next further levels: “entertaining and creative levels”?

In The 2008 World Expo in Zaragoza Spain, Sensacell Corporation have demonstrated these interesting possibilities. Sensacell have provided a product they called as Interactive Floor System that enable various visual effects could be projected and alive on the floor surfaces. Now, the floor is not just ‘ordinary surfaces’ but it will become alive, it could be explored to create more interactivities in ‘entertaining ways’. A video here that excerpted from shows that there will be so many creative ideas could be explored by the using this Modular Sensor Surfaces Technologies. It really makes the room become alive, when it becomes more digitally interactive!

Of course, the content of the idea will become important aspect, it will determine level of its interactivity. Creative approaches are always needed to make the technology could be well implemented and meet with the user expectations.