Friday, January 1, 2010

Creating Space, a 3-Dimensional Artificial Environment for Human to Living In.

I would like to say that firstly an interior design solution shall deliver and provide direct and tangible impacts in related with space as a 3-dimensional environment which is generated based on specific and particular functional requirements. This environment space is artificial thing and could be visually and physically recognized by the existence of shape, depth and size. Of course, lighting both natural and internal artificial lighting are important elements that elaborate the existence of shape, depth and size.

Material characters – such as color, texture, transparent, gloss and others – could be slightly integrated after the shape of spaces are well and correctly generated. Maybe, in some cases this statement is not true because 3-dimensional and 2-dimensional aspects could be considered as integrated aspects in an interior solution.

What I'd like to say is, once an interior space is well created 3-dimensionally, it will always look great even all color to materials are white. Lighting details will become a determinant aspect to emphasize the 3-dimensional quality of the internal space.

Once an interior space is well defined 3-dimensionally, selection of color and textures to the material surfacing could be simply arranged.

(The 5th picture, the last 3D-rendering image in this posting is brilliantly prepared by Andika Soesanto)