Tuesday, January 6, 2009

JUNIOR SUITE ROOM REFURBISHMENT, A Design Proposal for a Five Star Hotel at Nusa Dua Bali

The Hotel is situated in Nusa Dua at south-end-peninsula of Bali Island. The area is a busy tourism enclave area with many of large international five star hotels which is located along Nusa Dua Beach.

This is could be defined as beach hotel room, but actually the hotel buildings existence along Nusa Dua Beach look very dense. I think most of the hotel rooms at this building block could not have a comfortable direct viewing to beautiful panoramic scenery of Indian Ocean.

This Junior Suite Room itself is placed in main building block of the hotel and facing to the garden landscaping. Beach scenery could only be viewed in narrow angle from balcony with neighborhood hotels as a back ground.

This refurbishment proposal issued and presented to the Hotel Owner on August 2001 in emerging and better economic situation after crisis on Asia in 1998. Visually, existing furnishing and decors appear in an obsolete look. This was becoming obvious when it compared with the existence of new hotels around.

But, main attention of course is to offer new space planning ideas. The Junior Suite Room is consisting of two floor levels. Located in lower level are sitting lounge, dining lounge and powder room, rest of the area at upper floor is used as bedroom and bathroom. A stair is placed to connect these lower and upper floors. A balcony is also provided adjacent to sitting lounge area.

First review is taken on the existing connecting stair and the furniture layout arrangement at lower level. New proposed layout scheme offered significant space improvement where stair starting point of stair step is changed and placed in better proximity near to the room entry door. This will release better free space for sitting and dining lounge at lower level. New stair could be developed better scheme than the existing, because riser height could be reduced to provide comfortable foot stepping without any obstruction to any usable bedroom space at upper level.

New long sofa is created as fixed built-in joinery and become more integrated part of the room that combined with loose single sofas and its coffee table with better direction to TV cabinet. Dining lounge is shifted to terrace balcony, this is mean half of the balcony is converted to become extended interior space. This better dining solution with garden viewing outside in compare with the existing scheme where dining table area is placed in tight space in front of the powder room.

At the upper floor, main intention is to improve the bathroom scheme in related with new arrangement of wardrobe, bed, writing table and of course the new void at formerly half of existing terrace balcony. Bedroom size is bigger than the existing scheme, because formerly existing void space is converted as bedroom extended area.