Tuesday, November 11, 2008

MEMORIES OF LAKE COMO, a proposed atrium scenery concept for a boutique mall.

The mall building is part of mix-used building. The building itself is one of first emerging high-rise property developments in Jakarta during 2004 after Indonesia was suffering in 1998’s monetary crisis. The name of building is the name of a place near Lake Como at Italy.

The interior design proposal was elaborating visual detail aspects that related with Lake Como, very far away from Jakarta, based on the name of the building. The elaborate giant Doric Columns are become dominant visual element in the atrium space. Rest of the other details of window awning, street wrought iron lantern and other details might be inspired from Bob Pejman’s paintings such as “Bellagio Memories”, “Lake Como Villa”, “Bellagio Memories” and “Bellagio Village”.

A water feature is proposed in the center of atrium area and many of tall palm trees are proposed to be placed in remaining perimeter area to capture the vertical scale of atrium spaces. There is fixed bench in every palm tree that allowing somebody to sit and having atrium viewing.

Saturday, November 1, 2008

ADMINISTRATION BUILDING REFURBISHMENT for International Port and Container Terminal

This was refurbishment project for an Administration Building of Container Terminal which is situated strategically in the industrial heartland of West Java at Jakarta Indonesia. The port is Indonesia’s national hub with annual throughput of 1.5 million TEU (Twenty foot Equivalent Units). The Administration Building is consisting of 7 storey office floors which are situated in an area that covers a total 100 hectares and is the largest container terminal in Indonesia.

The office renovation program is related with company privatization on 1999 when foreign private port investor from Hongkong became share holder majority. This group of investor world’s leading port investor, developer and operator with interests in a total 292 berths in 47 ports, spanning 24 countries throughout Asia, the Middle East, Europe, the Americas and Australia.

In lined with the existence of new major share holder, the company was having intention to bring new culture into the office environment. The old corporate culture – which was strongly influenced with typical government owned company – need to be significantly changed and improved.

Originally, the office scenery was dominated with cellular individual office. When new management is established, new open office concept need to be implemented to bring the new corporate value. New office scenery provides enclosed private office just for Director. Rest of the managers, supervisors and staff are work in open office enclosure. Also included in refurbishment program was the up-grading of Data Center Room which is controlling the whole related operations of the port and container yard.

Refurbishment works were executed in step by step basis per floor areas. There were changes of design objective when management trying to establishing what function that fit for the penthouse level. Before finally decided as Control Room Facilities that control the whole operations of port and container yard there were also design and planning exercises to study the placement of dedicated executive offices which are placed in the penthouse level.