Thursday, September 18, 2008

LIPPO ICE SKATING RINK, A Design Proposal for Sport and Leisure Facilities

A set of initial schematic conceptual drawings for Lippo Ice Skating Rink have submitted on August 1997. It was prepared when I joined with a foreign architectural design consulting firm in Jakarta.

It was surprising me, when the Managing Director came to my working desk and asking me to join in the next day meeting. When he introduced the project objective, I could not imagine what kind of facility it was.

Based on basic rough initial scheme from Managing Director we started to initiate design exploration sessions. As usual, I did research on several design and architectural reference books to get relevant design standards and references. We both also did survey sessions on 2 (two) Indoor Ice Skating Rink Facilities in Jakarta and of course I was also experiencing how to play ice skating. This was a one day course and unfortunately, I was never sliding my skating shoes and my body in well-balance. These all existing facilities are situated and incorporated as part of leisure facility in a shopping mall. 

The proposed main facilities are 1,745 square meter Ice Skating Rink and Toboggan Slope that enclosed under a giant membrane structure. The Toboggan Slope itself was never found and built before in Indonesia. The Ice Skating Rink is designed for both individual sport activities and sport game event like hockey or gymnastics. In related with these functions there supporting facilities are placed around the perimeter of Ice Skating Rink. Stackable spectator tribune are placed at the opposite side of the Toboggan Slope, meanwhile changing room, shower, lockers, skate rental, toboggan hire and toilet are situated underneath the Toboggan Deck. Of course there was also snow cloth rental, because somebody must wear a snow cloth before sliding in Toboggan slope and playing in Snow Land.

Basically, all of the facilities are differ
ed into two separated areas. First area is facility for visitor with ticket and remaining other area is facility for visitors without ticket. Ice Skating Rink and Toboggan Slope are only accessible from a check point for visitor by having ticket. Another facility such as dining area, refreshment bar, game area and viewing gallery could be accessible by visitor without ticket. These facilities are placed at upper floor level underneath the Toboggan Deck.

A garage for Zamboni Car was also provided. This specific vehicle is prepared to maintain the ice surface of skating rink. In engineering point of view, this facility also required specific approaches particularly in Mechanical and electrical designs. An appointed Engineering Consultant have assigned by the Client to do a research in a Snow Land Facility in Japan.

Actually, this project is never built, one year later Indonesia was suffered in a Monetary Crisis. Currently, the site is remaining as car park belong the shopping mall. But, for me this was a unique design experience that I will never gain in other next opportunity.

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